Anonymous asked:

I read your eretstrid drabble and to me eretstrid is only good for adding the drama to any Hiccstrid fan fic. Maybe you can do a drabble where eret confronts astrid with his feelings, to which astrid declines.

hiilikedragons answered:


I loathe it when eretstrid is used just for adding drama. I loathe the idea of attempting to incite jealousy in a well-established couple simply because Eret’s new and handsome. I loathe Astrid’s entire personality being steamrolled to force a pairing. I loathe Eret being depicted as a flat character with no other purpose than to get between the man who changed his life and the canon love of his life. 

Let’s be clear. Eretstrid is not a thing for me. Eretcup is not a thing for me. Eret works with neither Astrid nor Hiccup separately. They have to be together for it to work. 


Anonymous asked:

can you possibly draw younger hiccstrid losing their virginity?

poltically-incorrect answered:


Sure! Here’s a quicky

I imagine that it would be a really innocent and awkward situation :P <33



I wonder how “younger” we’re talking here…

Nonetheless lovely work as always! :)

Thank you! And probably about 17 or 18 :P Those seem to be the ages decided by the fandom although half the people I know lost it around 15